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The month of February is dedicated to the Holy Family in the Catholic Church. How does the Church honor the Holy Family, both during this month and throughout the year?

The Catholic Church Honors the Holy Family

The Holy Family is remembered several times during the liturgical year:

  • At Christmas.
  • At the feast of the Holy Family, celebrated the Sunday after Christmas.
  • At the Presentation, celebrated February 2nd.
  • During the entire month of February.

Families Today Are Under Attack

Our Lady of Fatima warned Sr. Lucia about attacks against marriage and the family. This is occurring today in our culture, societal mindset, and in organizations whose missions are literally to dismantle the traditional family.

Each Member is a Role Model, Even for Today

With a life centered on the Father, St. Joseph was a just man. He was also a spiritual leader and protector of his family in daily life and journeys to Bethlehem, Egypt, and Nazareth. Also called St. Joseph the Worker, he labored and materially provided for his family.

Mary dutifully cared for her family and home. Rooted in Scripture and repeated in approved Marian apparitions, she was humble, modest, pious, loving. In her “yes” to the Father, she was a disciple of Jesus His entire life.

Both human and divine, Jesus was obedient to His parents, the Law of Moses, and lived within the confines of His family and town. Also dedicated to the Will of His Father, He taught and ministered to people at their points of greatest need, even laying down His life for each of us.

A Model for All Families

The Holy Family is a model for all families everywhere because God the Father made it so. He could have sent Jesus to earth in any number of ways, but He chose to place Jesus in a family with a father and mother.

In addition, the Holy Family is a model for domestic life. When we center our family life on Christ and live the life of the Church in our homes, this is referred to as the domestic church.

“…the Holy Family is the icon of the domestic Church, called to pray together.

The family is the domestic Church and must be the first school of prayer….pray

together as a family at the school of the Holy Family of Nazareth and thereby

really to become of one heart and soul, a true family.”

BENEDICT XVI General Audience

December 28, 2011

Ways To Make the Holy Family a Part of Your Life

 Connect with the Holy Family. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal one thing you have in common with the Holy Family, or with Jesus, Mary, or Joseph individually.

  • Incorporate short prayers into your day, especially during difficulties: “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, help me!” “Holy Family, help us be holy!”
  • If your family is over-scheduled, create a time to bring everyone together with a meal or game night. Begin with a spontaneous prayer of gratitude for time together.
  • Pray as a family. Use a prayer card or listen to a prayer together on the iCatholicRadio app. Take turns praying petitions for the needs of your family and household. Pray in gratitude for blessings received. Do your best to attend Mass together.
  • Keep a prayer card or picture of the Holy Family in a prominent place in your home as a holy reminder.
  • When writing a list, journaling, or taking notes, be like Fulton Sheen. Write JMJ at the top of your paper, calling to mind Jesus, Mary, and Joseph to guide you in your daily duties.

What to Do When Your Family Doesn’t Look Like the Holy Family

There are times and situations in which our families do not resemble the Holy Family. But it’s okay. God calls us to be faithful, not perfect. Pray to the Holy Family for the longings of your heart, healing, provision, or whatever difficulties you face. Ask the Holy Spirit to enter your situation for God’s Will to be done.

If you are not married or do not have children, God may still call you to be a spiritual father or mother, or even a spiritual child to someone He brings into your life. Ask God who He wishes you to minister to. Those appointments are divine and important.

(credit: https://thestationofthecross.com/february-month-of-the-holy-family/)

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