Campaign Against Hunger


we eat simply so others may simply eat

"The scandal that millions of people suffer from hunger must not paralyze us, but push each and everyone of us to act;

singles, families, communities, institutions and government to eliminate this injustice."

                                                                                                            Pope Francis



  • 1 out of 6 Americans struggles from hunger; that's 49,000,000 of us.
  • 64,490 children in CNY are food insecure.  They don't know where or when they will eat again.
  • Schools provide breakfast and lunch for some; what about snow days and summer vacation?
  • 63% of food pantry clients have a high school or college education.
  • Many hospitals have noted a spike in diet-related illness at the end of the month. The working poor run out of money for food at the end of the month.


  • Let us stand up as a community to combat hunger by being MINDFUL of this vast, urgent and moral issue!
  • Let us COME TOGETHER as a PARISH COMMUNITY to make a difference.
  • Individually, parishioners at St. Mary's have had a long tradition of generosity.  Now let's join together as a FORCE FOR CHANGE!



  • Choose one day a month to eat simply. Donate savings to the Human Development committee on the last weekend of the month to provide fresh produce for local food pantries and the Food Bank of CNY.
  • Continue donating to the Skaneateles and Spafford Food Pantries as requested in the bulletin.
  • Pray for effective action in the fight against hunger.




Updated on September 17, 2017

" We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give" ( Winston Churchill). We, at St Mary's, epitomize this each month by our contributions to the Campaign Against Hunger. In August $1085 was distributed to our Sandwich Ministry and the Food Bank of CNY ($100 each) and to the Spafford and All Faith's' Food Pantries ($442.50 each). All Faith's provided over 90,000 meals in 2016 on the Northside of Syracuse. Spafford often uses the money we provide for holiday meals and fresh produce.  Thanks St. Mary's!!!!


Updated on July 7, 2017

The Campaign Against Hunger collected $534 in June.   $100 was set aside for our Sandwich Ministry and $100 was sent to the Food Bank of CNY.  The remainder was given to the Skaneateles Ecumenical Food Pantry ($167) and $167 worth of rice, oil and flour was donated to help Syrian and African refugees on the Northside of Syracuse.
Thank you for you continued support of our CAH and a huge Thank You to Maura Molnar and all our Faith Formation Families who helped us collect each month on Simply Sunday Weekend.
Next weekend the CAH will collect for Marcellus, Jordan Elbridge and the Cathedral food pantries.  Thanks to all our Parishioners for their continued support. 



May 21, 2017

 During the past 36 months, St. Mary's Campaign Against Hunger  has collected $34,526.16. 100% has been distributed to many local food pantries.  For every $1.00 contributed, 3 meals can be provided. Therefore our CAH has supplied approximately 103,578 meals. [When we eat simply so others may simply eat one day each month, we are following Jesus' message, " for I was hungry and you gave me something to eat".
   Next weekend our contributions will go to our Sandwich Ministry, Marcellus and Spafford food pantries and Northside Ministries.
Thank You for your great generosity!!



July 1, 2014

Many thanks to the generous parishioners and visitors who this past weekend contributed over $1,100 to the Campaign Against Hunger!  The collection will be split evenly between the Skaneateles Ecumenical food pantry, the Spafford Food pantry and the Food Bank of CNY.

Magnets bearing the logo of the Campaign Against Hunger were distributed after the Masses so parishioners could bring home a little visual reminder of the Campaign.  During the next month the committee for the Campaign Against Hunger will be looking for stories from individuals and families about what they do to support the campaign the stories will be shared with the parish on the website and in the bulletin.

God bless!




May 12, 2014



Again, many thanks to all parishioners participating in the Campaign Against Hunger.  As you know we collected over $1500.00 on our first "Simply Sunday"

That money was divided equally among our three recipients:

~ The Skaneateles Ecumenical Food Pantry is using the money this month to order fresh produce and dairy from the Food Bank where they can receive 87% more food for every dollar spent.

~ The Spafford Food Pantry director, Lisa, was so moved by our generosity when we personally handed over the check, that she has invited us on a tour of their facility.  She has encouraged the CAH committee to plan on a food demonstration on healthy eating there in June.  The clients will go home with a bag of ingredients to make a fresh veggie salad.  We can show off our new cutting skills learned at the Pot Luck Supper!!

~ We sent a Thank You note to Peter Ricardo, the chef of the Food Bank of CNY along with a check for their new program, "Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables".  This program will provide more fresh foods to all the food pantries in CNY.

Thank You for getting our program off to a wonderful start!

Simply Sunday will be next weekend (May 24/25).  The Bailey and McNeil families will be collecting any proceeds from "We Eat Simply So Others May Simply Eat" at the end of each mass. 


The Campaign Against Hunger Committee