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News From Fr. Michael Delaney in Chile

Dear Parishioners,

As many of you will recall, thanks to your generosity we were able to help the people of Santiago recover from the earth quake of 2010.  Below is a letter from Fr. Michael, my nephew, who was born and raised in this parish and is currently the regional superior for his Holy Cross community in Chile.  He has included a link to a video of one of their parishes that was greatly impacted by the earth quake and their rebuilding effort was greatly benefitted by your assistance.

Uncle Tom,
I want to send you this video .. it is for a campaign that we are doing, but it is of the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de Andacollo, that suffered greatly in the earthquake, and as you can see in the video, how beautiful that it turned out after the reparis to the damage. The fact is that it never looked better I am sure ... and it suffered a lot of damage in the 2010 earthquake. Through your generosity and many there at the parish, we were able to do a lot - there - and in three other places where the Congregation serves, as well as help others!  I thought you might like to see this project . it shows a bit of the neighborhood as well as how beautiful the church and the other gathering facilities turned out. The work took about a year to get it all in shape, but now three years later it all looks good ...
Anyway, thought you might like to see one of the "finished products" of where the donations went ... it is difficult to fathom how much damage there was  inside the church, and outside ... and it was a danger zone for quite a while .. but in its own style it has come back! Thanks to you and many others, and the people of Saint Marys!
Take care ...

God Bless, Mike

Parroquia NSA ENG (HIGH).wmv - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVYoUTFODjWdWRoSFVyWUQyeWs/edit?usp=sharing




Blessing of the Pets

On Saturday, October 5th St. Mary's of the Lake held its first Blessing of the Pets, in recent history!  Parishioners young and old brought their favorite furry friends to the St. Mary's Grotto to hear the Word of God and to be blessed.  Thanks to all parishioners who participated.  We hope to see all those furry friends again next year.

Here are some pictures of the furry friends of St. Mary's


June 30, 2013

Fr. Peter was ordained right here at St. Mary's of the Lake on June 29, 1968 and celebrated his first Mass the next day, June 30th also at St. Mary's.  May God continue to bless Fr. Peter and his missionary work.

To read more about Fr. Peter and his missionary work see the 2010 article in the Catholic Sun at http://thecatholicsun.com/2010-archives/father-peter-major-is-on-a-spiritual-adventure/itemid-1518

Today Fr. Peter is continuing missionary work right here is Central New York.



May 19, 2013

Congratulations to Father Peter Major from the St. Mary’s of the Lake parish family!

We would like to congratulate Father Peter Major who is being awarded the honorary degree of doctor of human studies by his alma mater LeMoyne College at their 63rd Commencement Ceremony, Sunday, May 19th.

From the College’s press release, “Peter C. Major, M.H.M. ’60, attended law school in Albany. He studied for the priesthood at Mill Hill Missionaries in England and was ordained in Skaneateles in 1968. He served as a missionary first in Borneo, working for 10 years in the interior rain forests, mastering not only the Dyak language but their birdcalls as well. Fr. Major then went to Cairo and, from there, to the southern part of Sudan.

In 1982 when war broke out in that country, he was held hostage for nearly two months before being released by rebels. After his release, he went to the capital city of Khartoum in the north, working with the one and a half million displaced people there. He most recently served in Malakal in the new nation of South Sudan, ministering to hospital patients, street children and prison inmates. He currently is assigned to the United States and is continuing to serve various parishes in the Syracuse diocese and resides at St. Mary’s of the Lake parish.”