Mass details for COVID

Have you heard the Good News? St. Mary’s is celebrating Sunday liturgies on Saturday evenings at 4:30 pm in church and Sunday mornings 9:00 am in St. Mary’s of the Lake parking lot.

Things to note before deciding if you should attend:

  • Dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in effect until further notice. You may continue to stream Mass at home on Sundays. See below for links to stream Mass. Click HERE and scroll down for links to many Mass streaming options.
  • We will be limited to approximately 50 cars – parishioners will remain in their cars during Mass.
  • Church will be limited to approximately 40 to 50 people.
  • We will be asking everyone attending either mass to register ahead of time by NOON on Friday
  • If you are sick, have a fever, cough or have a compromised immune system, for your safety and that of others you should stay home

If attending please register by Friday by noon.

  • Please call 315.685.5083 by Friday, by noon or email [email protected]
  • Please let the office know if you require handicapped parking or a low gluten host and the name of each person attending

Before you leave home Saturday/Sunday – please bring:

  • A mask for each person in your car/entering church
  • Hand sanitizer to use before and after receiving Communion
  • Please note that there will be no bathrooms available for use on the St. Mary’s campus.

Arriving at St. Mary's on Saturday:

  • Please put on your mask before approaching the check in desk
  • Stop and complete the health checklist
  • Wait for an usher to bring you to your assigned seat

Arriving at St. Mary’s on Sunday:

  • Parking lot will open at 8:30 am
  • All cars will enter the lot off Jordan St (entrance next to the parish center)
  • Ushers will direct you to a row, you will pull all the way forward
  • If you have registered as handicapped parking, you will enter from Austin St.

During the Parking Lot Mass:

  • All parishioners will remain in their vehicles
  • No collection will be taken. You may mail offerings to the office
  • We will do our best with a sound system so you will be able to hear. We appreciate your patience with this

Communion Parking lot :

  • Ushers will direct parishioners when to stand next to their car for Communion. Please do not leave your car until directed to
  • Before leaving your car please use hand sanitizer and put on your mask covering your nose and mouth
  • When directed by the usher to leave your car please, stand next to the car on the driver’s side
  • Fr Dunn or a Lay Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist will approach. Leave your mask on. Once you have received the Body of Christ in your hand wait until Fr Dunn or the Lay Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist moves at least 6’ away. Then lower your mask and consume the Body of Christ and return to your car for meditation.

Communion in church:

  • All Catholics present who are in a state of grace are invited to receive Communion, but you can choose not to if you wish. Please bring your own personal sanitizer to use prior to leaving the pew to receive Communion
  • Those who will not receive Communion should not come forward with hands crossed for a blessing; there is a blessing for everyone at the end of Mass. If not receiving, please step out of the pew and back to let those who have received return to their seats.
  • Children who will not receive Communion but who are old enough to remain quietly in their seat should do so, and not get in the line for Communion.
  • When you approach for Communion, please remain six feet from others in the line and from me. When it is your time to receive, keep your mask on and remain six feet away from me while I show the Host and say, The Body of Christ.  After you respond, Amen, approach me.
  • Place one hand under the other while keeping your fingers together, making “a throne for the King,” as St. Cyril of Jerusalem says. Receive the Host in your hand, then step six feet to the side from me.  Then carefully loosen your facial covering (or mask by an ear loop), consume the Host, and replace the facial covering. 
  • Although each person retains the right to receive on the tongue, the Centers for Disease Control have recommended against it; but more importantly, out of love for our brothers and sisters, and out of kind concern for the vulnerable and our sacred ministers, those who normally receive on the tongue are respectfully asked to consider receiving in the hand as a temporary measure. It is a legitimate practice attested to in our Catholic Tradition since the ancient Church. 

End of Mass:

  • Ushers will direct cars by row to leave. Please do not move until directed by an usher.
  • In church ushers will dismiss by pew, please wait in your seat until directed to leave.

We appreciate your patience, prayers and sense of humor as we navigate new ways to come together and celebrate the Good News. God Bless!