Small Christian Communities


Five Reasons to “Come to the Table”

  •  We began gathering with our inaugural Session in the Fall of 2013 and continued meeting in Winter of 2014, Lent 2014, Fall 2014 and Lent 2015.  We gathered in small group formations, building around our Catholic beliefs and practices and forming strong friendships with those we shared our personal stories and faith with.  Most groups meet weekly during our "formal sessions", and some groups meet monthly.  We will being meeting in the Fall of 2015 the week of Sunday, October 11th.  As the picture above states, "ALL ARE WELCOME".  Please contact the Parish Office to inquire about joining a group.  
  • The small groups provide a gathering point for folks—one which will help you to have a real sense of belonging to our parish.  It’s a place where we welcome and re-engage young adults, and adults with their faith, their friends and neighbors, and our parish.
  • Say yes and participate!  You’ll find you become more able to speak about your faith with confidence.  Become more able to live your faith in daily life. 
  • You'll find that you will receive a solid foundation of knowledge, but also an experience of conversion to Christ. 
  • This is definitely a parish process of faith formation.  It is based on small-group conversations about faith.  In the Fall of 2015 we will be using a book called, Living Like Francis Today.  Victor Klimoski, Director of Lifelong Learning at Saint John's University School of Theology writes, "Living Like Francis Today offers a fresh and engaging resource for groups interested in digging deeper into the meaning of Christian discipleship.  Each session draws participants to deep reflection on the wisdom of St. Francis and then sends them out to preach the Gospel, 'sometimes using words.'"