Year of Mercy Calendar

The Year of Mercy Calendar, a joint effort of the Diocese of Syracuse and the Diocese of Steubenville, is designed to help you live mercy day by day.  Each month includes the intentions of the Pope, along with practical ways to put your faith into action.  Click HERE for Calendar viewing!

*  Sabbath Sunday - a day of rest.  Spend extra time with God.
*  Make a difference Monday - pray for a specific group of people each week.
*  Transforming Tuesday - Live out the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.
*  Wisdom Wednesday - reflect on quotes from Catholic saints and speakers.
*  Thirsting Thursday - Quench your thirst for God with suggestions provided.
*  Fasting Friday - each week an item to fast from, in order to recognize your hunger for God.
*  Selfless Saturday - die to oneself.
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