Circles of Care


Circles of Care is an educational program tailored to our parish  catechetical programs.  This curriculum originally developed by the  Diocese of Manchester has been adapted by the Diocese of Syracuse to  address age appropriate personal safety issues for children and youth in  the context of Catholic moral teaching.  The training replaces the  awareness training that the diocese had been using since 2004.

Circles of Care: Safe Child Training: FAQs

Why is it important that we include a child safety curriculum at

parishes of the Diocese?

Introducing a program for children and youth on personal safety that respects the role

of parents as the primary educators of children is part of the commitment made by the

Diocese of Syracuse to protect children and young people. Circles of Care and

supplemental information from the Sexual Abuse Awareness curriculum previously

used, introduces to students foundational principles of living our faith, especially

personal safety, making good decisions, developing wholesome relationships, and

self-esteem, all within the context of the religious curriculum for each grade. Article

12 of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, which was

adopted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2002 provides that

dioceses are to maintain “safe environment” programs, including programs for

children and youth, which the diocesan bishop “deems to be in accord with Catholic

moral principles.”

What grade levels receive this class?

All children in grades K through 12 will receive the class during the Faith formation year.

Is it age appropriate? Yes, the lessons are age appropriate at all levels.

May parents attend the class?Yes, parents are invited and encouraged to attend the class with the children.

May I review the curriculum before my child attends the class?  Yes, you can go to, go to the K to 8 Faith Formation tab then the Circles of Care tab for the links. (see below)

May I opt out the class and use the online materials to teach the lesson at home to my child?Yes, you will find an opt out form on at K to 8 Faith formation tab Circles of Care page that you may fill out and return to the Catechetical Leader.  You then should not send your child the week their grade is scheduled for the class as no alternative lesson will be offered for the class that day.  You may print the materials out and review with your children at your convenience. (see below)

Is there an adult equivalent to the training?  Yes, all adults working with children in the Diocese of Syracuse are required to take the Safe Child Training course.  It is open and free to any adult who would like to take it.  You may find courses and a schedule of classes HERE.  Click the link onthe page to see all currently scheduled classes. New classes and locations are always being added so please check back to find a more convenient time or location. Please go to HERE to register

Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the class with their children.


You are welcome to review and download the curriculum by section.  Each section is a link.

Letter from Bishop Cunningham

Program Overview


Scope and Sequence

Pre K – K

COC – Grade One

COC – Grade 2

COC – Grade 3

COC – Grade 4

COC – Grade 5

Grade 5 Parent Resources

COC – Grade 6

Grade 7 Lesson

Grade 7 Internet Resources

COC – Grades 7 and 8

COC – Grade 9

Grade 10 Lesson

COC – Bullying – High School

COC – Hazing – High School

COC – Relationships – High School

COC – Relationships – Handouts

Resource List

COC – Parent Resources

COC – Author Credits

Parental Opt-Out Form